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Historic Name: Walter E. Ligget Home (1928)
Property Address: 824 N M St, Tacoma, WA 98403
Tax No./Parcel No.: 2038260010

Date Recorded: 2002
Style: Queen Anne - Stick
Form/Type: Single Family
Date of Construction: 1890
Significance: Home of Walter E. and Elizabeth F. Ligget, secretary Washington Machinery Depot (1904) Walter Ligget was born in Brookfield, Mo., attended local schools, and was first employed by the American Express Co. and "the old Hannibal and St Joe Railroad". Walter married Elizabeth Flood in Missouri in 1896 and came to Tacoma two years later. Walter held a variety of positions over the next 50 years, beginning as a bookkeeper for the St. Paul and Tacoma Lumber Company, secretary of Menzies & Stevens (Clothiers), and cashier @ Pacific Mutual Door. M. Porter Ligget, possibly a son, is listed as residing here in 1920, and a Ruth P. Ligget in 1924. Ligget was a charter member of the Orpheus Club (a Tacoma men's singing group), and served as treasurer of Tacoma Elks Lodge No. 174 for 41 terms. The Ligget's lived at this location for over 50 years. Original architect, builder and contractor unknown. c. 1890

Appearance: The main roof is a front-facing gable with a front-facing gabled, two-storied bay window to the right side. There is a side gable extension to the right rear. There is a brick chimney to the right rear. There are small square windows in the gable face. There are one-over-one, double-hung windows in the side panels and a large picture window in the center. There are decorative brackets at the upper gable overhang. There are one-over-one windows in the side panels of the lower bay. The central picture window has a stained-glass upper sash. The entrance is located to the left side. The main walls are clad in horizontal wood clapboard. The faces of the gables are clad in decorative shingles. There are decorative shingles on the panels below and between the bay windows.

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